Straw Martini




Are you prepared to advance your cocktail skills? Introducing the Straw Martini, a beautiful glassware item created to elevate your drinking experience to a new level. This martini glass is here to make every moment better, whether you’re an expert mixologist or just want to sip on your favorite drinks.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Material Premium Clear Glass
Capacity 120 ml (milliliters)
Design Classic Round Shape
Weight (Approx.) 80 grams (g)
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Versatile Use
Ideal for Various Cocktails and Beverages
Suitable for
Bars, Restaurants, Parties, Home Use
Perfect for Special Occasions and Gifts
Care Instructions
Dishwasher Safe, Handle with Care
Manufacturer M & M
Product Origin USA

Made with Elegance:

The Straw Martini is a piece of art, not just a glass. Its carefully and precisely crafted modern, sleek, and attractive design instantly elevates any beverage it contains. This glass is proof that a cocktail’s presentation is just as essential as its flavor.

High-Grade Glass

Only the best will do when it comes to your drinks. Because of this, the Straw Martini is crafted of premium glass, which not only looks gorgeous but also guarantees the sturdiness required for regular usage. You may be sure that this glass will last for many years in your barware collection.

Integrated Straw:

The Straw Martini’s integrated straw distinguishes it from other martini glasses. You may easily savor every sip of your cocktail thanks to this novel feature. Simply drink through the straw and savor each flavor note instead of awkwardly tilting your head to reach the last drips.

Versatile Pleasure

The Straw Martini doesn’t just make martinis. Its adaptability makes it the ideal choice for a variety of mocktails, desserts, and cocktails. This glass is your go-to mate whether you’re mixing a traditional martini, serving a tropical daiquiri, or savoring in a rich dessert.

Suitable for Any Occasion:

The Straw Martini brings a touch of refinement to any event, whether it is a small gathering or a large celebration. Its distinctive style and the simple manner it improves each drink’s presentation will enthrall your guests. With this outstanding glass, every toast will be special.

Uncomplicated Cleaning:

We comprehend that the last thing you want to accomplish is to spend a lot of time cleaning up after a wonderful cocktail party. The Straw Martini streamlines the procedure because of its easy-to-clean smooth glass surface. Enjoy your cocktails more and spend less time cleaning up afterward.

A perfect gift:

Want to buy a cocktail enthusiast a meaningful present? Look nowhere else. For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, or any other special occasion, the Straw Martini is an outstanding option. It’s a gift that not only makes an impression but also elevates their home bar.


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